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  • Luxury range
  • Intermediate range
  • Basic range
  • Decorations and finishes (screen printing, thermo printing, pad printing and varnished and metallic finishes)
Reference capacity Lid material Base material Inner Linner Measurements

LENA5 image
5 ml
SAN SAN junta PE/PE 34mm ø - 18mm h

VOLGA5 image
5 ml
SAN SAN PP junta PE/PE 30mm ø - 29mm h

VOLGA10 image
10 ml
SAN AN junta PE/PE 30mm ø - 29mm h

TAM5 image
5 ml
PP SAN junta PE/PE 29mm ø - 25mm h

GUAD5 image
5 ml
PP PMMA junta PE/PE 33mm ø - 25mm h

ELBA5 image
5 ml
PP PP junta PE/PE 34mm ø - 25mm h

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Rinaplast, S.A. has a broad range of Standard cosmetic containers, in different sizes and with different capacities, to satisfy the requirements of its customers. We are able to provide short customised production runs and guarantee speedy delivery, adapting to all the needs of our customers.

We also make tailor-made designs of cosmetic containers as exclusive models for our customers. We have our own decoration workshop which allows us to customised your cosmetic containers with matchless quality and no limitations. Our extensive variety of finishes (metallic, painted in different colours), and our decorations (screen printing and thermo engraving) enable us to offer models with an elegant, classic image and models with a younger, more dynamic image.

Our customers appreciate our support from the design of the container to its delivery at the agreed place and on the agreed date.

Our advice is: quality cosmetics need a container that allows them to stand out. Take the advice of an expert in the cosmetic containers market.

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